Have you forgotten to sing out your Gmail account from another computer ? No worries you can logout remotely from Gmail account by using any other computer.

If you don’t log out then chances are that your confidential files may be viewed by other users. So you should have some solution for that and below you can find the one.

At first log into your Gmail account from any other computer.

Scroll down to the bottom of your “Primary” inbox.

gmailogoutOn the right side you will see the option as above “Last account activity“. There is a link “Details“. Click on it.

If your Gmail account is opened in some other computer at another place then you will see the following window.


You can see at the top of the window stating that “This account is open in another location“.  It may be that you are opening the same Gmail account in different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer in the same computer or in another computer.

Click on “Sign out all other sessions” button.

Now except the one which you are using now, Gmail account in another browser or another computers will be logged out automatically.

If some one tries to read your email then it will be automatically logged out.

This is how you can logout remotely from Gmail account from any computer.