Your desktop may have very big icon size which you may not like. In this article today we will see how to make desktop icons smaller.

A. Chang view size of icons

1. Right click on Windows desktop.

2. Select “View“.

desktop icon

3. Select “Medium icons” or “Small icons” to make the desktop icons smaller.

B. Change the resolution

Make sure that you have the recommended resolution for your desktop monitor or your laptop.

1. Right click on the screen and select “display settings“.

desktop icon

2. Click on “Advanced display settings“.

desktop icon

3. Select the highest or the recommended resolution to decrease the size of the icons.

desktop icon

C. Change the size of texts and icons both

1. Right click on desktop and then click on “display settings“.

desktop icon

2. Make sure that the slider is on the left side which is 100% recommended.

display setting

D. Use the mouse to make the icons smaller

Press “Ctrl” button and roll the middle wheel of your mouse button down to make the icons smaller

mouse wheel

How to make icons smaller in mac

1. Click on “View” and then select “Show View options“.

view options

2. Drag the slider of “icon size” to the left to make the icons smaller. Also drag the slider of “Grid spacing” to the left to make the icons come together.

mac icon size