What is merging partition ?

Merging partition is dissolving one partition into another to increase the size of a partition. If you have more than two partitions and you don’t have use of those partitions, then you can merge partitions together.

Click on this linkĀ  How to create a partition if you want to create

How to merge partitions together using Disk Management ?

Open disk management window by either one of the two ways mentioned below.

  • Right click on “My Computer” icon on the desktop and click on “Manage
  • disk mangementNow you see the “Computer Management” windows as shown below. Click on “Disk Management


  • You can also access Disk Management from “Control Panel” – “Administrative Tools ” – “Computer Management” – “Disk Management“.
  • Now Right click on the partition which you want to merge with the other.


  • Click on “Delete Volume“.
  • You will get a warning that all the data on the drive will be deleted and you should backup the data.
  • mergepartitionIf you haven’t backed up the data then click on “No” and proceed with backup at first.
  • If you have backed up then click on “Yes” button.
  • Now the volume label and the drive letter for the partition will be removed.
  • Now right click on the drive to which you wan to merge the deleted partition.


  • Click on “Extend Volume“.
  • Now you will get a wizard for extending volume.


  • Click on “Next” button.


  • Now you can see the deleted partition on the right box. Click on “Next” button.


  • Click on “Finish” button and the partitions will be merged together.

This is how you merge partitions together with Disk Management and increase the size of a partition.