With Remote assistance you can offer help to people who have trouble with their system. You can ask them to allow you to give you control of their system. Then you can remove the problem from their system.

Things to consider for remote assistance

You should include Remote assistance in Windows Firewall. Firewall shouldn’t block it.

You should get an invitation from the other person for Remote assistance.

Let’s start the process:-

At first the person on the other end should follow the below process to send invitation to you

Click on “Start” button and then search for “Remote Assistance“.

Click on “Windows Remote Assistance“.

remote assitance


Click on “Invite someone you trust to help you” to send an invitation to the other person.

remote assistance2

Now either select “Save this invitation as a file” to save the file, attach and send through email or else if you have already setup email program like “Microsoft Outlook” then you can select “Use e-mail to send an invitation“.

In this tutorial I will select the first option. I will save the file and attach and send through Gmail.

remote assistance

Now you can save the file as “invitation“.


remote assistance

As soon as you do it you will see a password also, this password you need to give it to the person who wants to offer remote assistance to you.

remote assistance

Now attach the invitation file and send it through the email to the person from whom you want to ask help.

The other person will download the file and continue the following process.

At first the person should open the email and download the invitation file send to him/her.

Click on “Start” and then search for “Windows Remote assistance” and click on it.

Click on “Help someone who has invited you“.

remote assistance

Select “Use anĀ invitationĀ file“.

remote assitance

Now click on “Browse” and find the invitation file and open it.

You will be asked to enter the password which should be given to you by the person who wants help.

remote assitance

As soon you enter the password you will see the desktop of the other person.

remote assitance

You can only see the desktop of the other person but still you can’t control their computer. You can’t use the mouse. You need to ask for control.

Click on “Request control“.

remote assistance

The person on the other side will see the request as below. He/She should click on “Yes“.


Again the other person get the following message, if you want to allow the other person to share control of your desktop.

Click on “Yes“.


Now you will be able to control their system and use the mouse pointer as well.