PDF stands for printable document format. It is a popular media for sharing files including text, pictures. You can open PDF files using PDF reading software such as Adobe acrobat. You can use any Operating system such as Windows, MAC to open PDF file. What if you don’t have PDF reader software? You can still open PDF file in Word. You can use Microsoft word 2013 version or later on to open the PDF file in Word. Let me remind you that you may not have the exact view which you will get by using Adobe Acrobat but still it works. It is particularly useful if you don’t have PDF reader.

Open Microsoft word 2013 or later version.

Click on “File” –” Open

Now you can open file which you have either saved in “Microsoft one-drive” or in the “computer.”

open pdf in word

If you have saved in the computer then click on “Computer”. If you had recently opened the PDF document then you can view it in “Recent Documents

Now you can either open the document saved in the desktop or else you click on Browse button to open the location where the PDF file is located.

Once you open the PDF file you will get a message that Word will optimize its best to convert the PDF file to word. It also informs you that the converted file may not look exactly as the original PDF file and especially if it has lots of graphic.

open pdf in word

Click “OK” and the process of conversion starts.

open pdf in word

Once it is finished you will be able to view the PDF file in word.

That’s it.

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