You may have experience that when you are trying to install a specific program, the the freeware program or shareware program along with the program you are trying to install also gets installed. Especially if you download a program from internet and try to install then you will end up installing freeware programs if you don’t pay attention.

If you go on clicking “Next” button or Select “Recommended” setting then you will end up installing Freeware programs. So, one way to prevent this is by careful observation and selecting “Custom” settings while installing a program.

Even though you do this but programmers are becoming smart. When you are installing a program then the shareware or freeware programs gets hidden or if there is button to decline then it appears inactive. Below is a screenshot for a program “Eusingmazelock” where the “Decline” button is hidden.

So, the other option to prevent such program from installation is by using a program named “Unchecky“.

You can download it from ““. Install the software and download it. Now, next time when you are installing any software downloaded from the internet and if there is any freeware or shareware program included you will get a warning message and you will be able to stop them from installation.

Below is the screenshot when a freeware program tries to install.
Hope this will help you.