excellogoDo you want to protect data in excel from being changed.

There are two options for this. One way to do that is to password protect the excel workbook completely so that no one can open the workbook. The other option is you can let the people view your workbook but prevent them from editing.

Open the excel workbook and create a document.

Then click on “File” tab and you will get the following screen.


Click on “info” from the left.

From the right “Protect Workbook” and click on “Encrypt with password


Now you will get a box to enter the password.

excelprotect3After entering the password click on “OK” button. Then again you need to enter the password to reconfirm it.


After entering the password, click on “OK” and save the workbook. Now nobody else can open the workbook.

If you want to remove the password, the open the excel workbook at first. Then click on “File” tab and then click on “info” from the left.







From the right side, click on “Protect workbook” and click on “Encrypt with password“. Now you will see the box and password in encrypted form.


Just select the password and press “delete” button on the keyboard, then save the workbook.

How to let other view but prevent them from editing the worksheet ?

May be you want other people, your colleagues, or your staff to view the file but prevent them from editing it, then you can do that also.

After creating an excel document, save it at first.

Click on “File” and then on “info” and then on “Protect Workbook“.

Click on “Protect Current Sheet


Now you need to enter password for protecting the sheet.

excelprotectdata2If you want viewers to be able to do anything in excel sheet then you can provide them the authority by putting a tick mark in front of the above commands.

If you don’t the user to be able to do anything then remove the tick from all the commands above and click on “OK“. In this way you will be able to protect data in excel.

If you want to unprotect the sheet just click on “File” — “info” — “Protect workbook“–“Protect Current Sheet“.

Now you will get a box where you have to put the password to remove the protection

unprotectsheetType the password and click on “OK” and then save the worksheet. Now the protection will be removed then anyone who can view the worksheet can also edit it.