Do you want to put music in the background of a video ? You want to upload a tutorial video and you want to insert a soft background music. There are many software for doing this but in this tutorial I will show you how to do that with the help of Windows  Movie maker. You don’t need to purchase any software for that.

For ease I am using older version of Windows movie maker version 2.6. You can find it in Google and download it.

Install the software.

Import video and then audio which you want to use as a background music.

background musicNow drag and drop video and audio to their respective timeline as shown in the picture below.

add background musc

Now after adding the background music on audio time line, right-click on it.

add background muisc

Click on “Volume“.

add background music

Now drag the slider to the left to decrease the volume. You don’t the background audio to be louder than the main audio included in the video.

Decrease until it is OK for you.

Click on “OK“.

Then click on “Finish Movie“.

add background musicThen select “Save to my computer” to save the movie in your system.

This is how you can add background music to a video in Windows movie maker.