If you have used Microsoft Outlook for a while then you may know that you can recall a send message before it is read by the recipient. You can do the same in Gmail. With “Gmail lab  ” feature you can undo send message within 60 seconds.

Click on the settings gear icon on the right side of the screen.

gmaillabNow again click on “Settings” from the menu. You will get the following window.

gmail lab2

Now click on the “Labs” tab.

Now you can see “Undo send” feature at the top only.

Select “Enable” radio button.

Now click on “Save changes” button at the top.

Now you can set until how many seconds you want to recall the send message.

Click on “General” tab and you will get the following window.

gmail lab3

Now you can see “Undo send” option.

You have to put a tick mark on the check box before “Enable Undo send“.

From “Send Cancellation period” drop down menu, you can set the time either “5“,”10“,”20” or “30” seconds.

After setting the time click on “Save Changes” button at the end.

Now you can test whether the setting works or not.

Compose and send a message from your Gmail account.

As soon as you sent you will see a message as shown below.

gmail lab4


Your message has been sent and you can see an “Undo” button next to it.

If you want to recall the message, click on the “Undo” button. You will see a message stating that your message sending was undone.

Now the message will be recalled and it will be restored in “Draft” folder.

Now the recipient on the other side will see a message that the person who sent you the message wants to recall the message.

gmail lab6

So, this is how you can recall the message sent from your Gmail account. Remember the maximum time limit is 30 seconds i.e. you need to recall within 30 seconds.