Have you ever experienced that after installing certain add-on suddenly e.g “coupon saver” you find lots of random words highlighted and underlined. When you point to these words you can see advertisements and if you click on them you will go to their pages.









This may not be a big deal but you may feel bit annoying and difficult as every time you see unnecessary advertisements. So, the way by which you can remove it is by removing the add-on which gave you this problem.

If you are using Firefox, click on “Tools” and then on “Add-ons

From the left side select “Extensions” and you will get the following screen.

extensionfirefoxSelect the extension which you suspect caused this problem and click on “Remove” button from the right.

If you are using Google Chrome, click on the “Customize and Control Google chrome” button on the upper right corner just below the close window button.

customziegooglechromeClick on “Settings” from the menu. You will get the following screen.

extensionchromeClick on “Extensions” from the left hand side. Now click on the “remove” icon on the right side of the extension, which you believed caused this problem. Now the problem of words highlighting and underlining should be removed.

If you are not sure which extensions or add-on caused this problem, the best way is to uninstall the browser and again install it.

Note that if you have bookmarks saved then you need to save those bookmarks before uninstalling the browser.