Imagine that you have large number of contents in excel which is compiled from different sources. You may have contents which are duplicate. Now before if you had to remove duplicate content you had to remove it manually, but if you are using excel 2013 than you can remove it automatically.

Suppose I have table like below in excel with names, address and age.

duplicatecontentNow we can see that the table has a duplicate content with name “George“. If you have more records with the same name and if you have thousands of records than it may be difficult for you to find each duplicate content and delete them manually. Instead of doing this you can delete all the duplicate content manually.

“Remember that when you remove duplicate contents from excel only one of the content remains”

Click on any cell of the table.

Then on the ribbon you will see an addition tab named “Design“.


Now you can see “Remove Duplicates” command.

Click on it and you will get the dialog box below.

duplicatecontent3Now you need to be careful when selecting the columns. If you want to delete the contents with the same name, then you need to remove tick mark from “Address” and “Age” field and select only the “Name” field.

If you want to remove the contents with the same address then you need to select only the “Address” file and so on.

In my case I want to remove duplicate content with the same name, so I will select “Name” field.\

Then click on “OK“. Now you will get a message about how many duplicate values were removed and how many unique contents remain.

duplicatecontent4Click on “OK“.

In the above data, there are two “George“, so one “George” will be removed.

This is how you can remove rows having duplicate contents from excel.