Internet explorer is the default web browser which comes installed in Windows.  Although there are more popular browsers such as Google chrome or Firefox but lot of people still use internet explorer. Now as you go on using internet explorer you might install knowingly or unknowingly different toolbars and extensions. What does this do is on the course of time it will slow down your internet explorer or your internet explorer may hang. In that case you can always reset the internet explorer.

When you reset internet explorer then the internet explorer returns back to the time when it was first installed in the system. All the toolbars and favorites will be removed. Below is the process for resetting the internet explorer.

1. Open “Internet explorer”.

2. Click on “Tools” and then on “Internet Options”.

reset internet

3. Click on “Advanced” tab.

reset internet

4. Click on “Reset” button.

You will see a message box where you can see what things will be reset.

All the toolbars, add-ons will be deleted.

Also you can delete personal settings such as homepages, passwords, cookies will be removed by putting a tick mark on the check box as shown in the picture below.

reset internet

5. Click on “Reset” button.

Now the personal settings, add-ons etc. starts to get removed.

reset internet

After they all are removed, click on “close” button.

6. Now you will displayed a message that you need to restart internet explorer to take place the effect.

reset interet

Click on “OK” and restart the internet explorer.

You have successfully reset internet explorer.