samsungs3May be you have some trouble with removing application from your Samsung galaxy S3. You recently have installed some application which is giving trouble and you aren’t able to remove it in normal mode. So in that case you can start your galaxy S3 in safe mode and remove the application.

Restart the phone.

When the Samsung logo appears on the screen repeatedly tap on the “menu button” on the lower left corner

You will see that on the lower left corner there is a watermark named “Safe mode” So that’s it your Samsung galaxy has gone to “safe mode.”


Now the phone starts with minimum apps without any fancy widgets.

Now if you want to remove any application. Press the “menu button” and select “settings“.

Tap on “Application manager“.

You will get a list of applications installed. Select and tap any one which you want to remove.

You will get two options “Force stop” and “Uninstall“.

Select “Uninstall” for removing the application.