backupIf you have already backed up your data you may be wondering how you can restore backup files to your computer back. Click on How to back up data in windows 7 if you don’t know how to back up your data.

Go to “controlpanel” and click on “Backup and Restore“. For Windows 8 you need to select “Windows 7 File Recovery

You will get the following window.


Click on “Restore my files” button. You will get two options.


Browse for files” and “Browse for folders“. If you click on “Browse for files” then you will get the options to select a particular file but if you select for “Browse for folders” then you can select the whole folder backed up.


Select the desired option and click on “Next


Now again you have two options to select. You can either restore the back up files to the original location or to the location which you desire.

Then click on “Restore

This is how you restore backup files.