Drivers are software with which hardware can function properly. Hardware can communicate with Central Processing Unit with the help of software. In the absence of driver a hardware can’t function properly. Now in some case when you update drivers to a newer version then the hardware may not function as desired. It may be because your system hardware may not be sufficient enough or your operating system may not be compatible with the current version of driver. So, in this tutorial I will show you how to roll back incompatible driver update.

If you can restart the computer after installing the updated driver then it’s OK.

Suppose you updated a graphic card and your computer didn’t start then you have a problem. Then in that case you need to start the computer in “Safe mode“. You do this by pressing “F8” button when you see Windows logo at the start. You will get a list of options from which you can select “Safe mode“. You do this step only if your computer can’t start in “Normal mode“.


Now your computer runs in safe mode and you can continue the following.

Now right-click on “Computer” icon on the desktop and click on “Properties“.

Now click on “Device Manager” link on the left.

Now click and expand the Hardware whose driver you want to roll back to the previous version. In this example I will roll back the driver for Motorola modem.

roll back updateNow right-click on the installed driver.

roll back updateClick on “Properties“.

roll back updateClick on “Driver” update.

You can see the current version of the driver at present. In the picture above the current version of Motorola driver is So, if you want to roll back the driver click on “Roll back Driver“.

Now you will get the following message.

roll back updateClick on “Yes” button if you want to roll back driver.

roll back update

You can see now that the driver has rolled back to the previous version i.e 6.11.

Now you restart the computer. This is how you roll back incompatible driver update to the previous version.