howto¬†Windows has a built in utility called “Memory Diagnostic” which will help to analyze the RAM. It checks whether your RAM in good condition or there is need to replace it.

Below are the two steps to run the memory diagnostic  utility.

Go to “Control panel” – “Administrative Tools” – “Windows memory diagnostic


Now you can either select “Restart Now” option or “Check next time when computer starts“. If you want to check now only then don’t forget to save all the changes which you have done till now.

Now when the memory diagnostic starts you will see the following screen.


After the action is completed you will get the information about your Memory and your computer will be restarted.

Now the next way by which you can run the memory diagnostic tool is by going to the “Windows Repair mode“.

1. Restart the computer

2. Press “F8” button.

3. Hold the button until you get the following screen.


4. Select “Repair your Computer” and press “Enter


5. Select “Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool” from the list.

Now you may have to provide additional information regarding “user name” and “password” for the user name. Then the rest of the process is the same.