Jpeg or jpg is the acronym for  Joint Photographic Experts Group . Jpeg or Jpg picture format is widely used in Web designing. It is the format which is generally produced by Digital cameras.

For more information about Jpeg you can visit this site in Wikipedia.

Below are the three ways by which you can use to save Word document as jpeg

By using MS. Paint in Windows

If you have only one page word document and all the written matter is within the Word window between the Ribbon and Status bar then you can use paint to save it as a jpeg.

Press “Print Scrn” or in some cases “Fn + Print Scrn”.

Then paste it in paint.

Select the area which you want to save as a jpeg.

Now you use “Crop” tool to remove the unnecessary part.


Click on “Save” button.

You can select “Save as type” as “jpeg”.


Give the required file name.

Click on “Save” button.

By using Online Website

You can also use online website for converting the Word document into jpeg. One of the website is:

 word to jpg

Click on “Choose File” button and select the location of the word document which you want to save as a jpeg.

Select image format as “jpg”.

Move the slider of the image quality to increase the quality of the image. Better the image quality the bigger file size will be.

Click “Convert to images” at the end.

The word document will be converted to jpeg and will be saved as a Zipped file named “rotw1g1” in “Download” folder.

Note if you have two pages word document then you will get two jpeg pictures and so on.

Unzip it and you will get the jpeg file.

Some other websites used for converting word document to jpg are:


Save word as a jpeg Offline with converter software

You can use Offline software to save word as jpeg picture format.

One of such software is “Word to JPEG converter 3000“. You can download it from this link.

You can use the free version to test the software. With free version you will see the watermark at the top. Also if you have more than one pages of Word document then all those pages will be combined to make a single image. You can upgrage it to pro version and you won’t get the watermark. Also you will get a single jpeg file for a page.

Download and install the software. Be careful while downloading the software. You don’t want to download the freeware or advertised software to download along with the converter software.

Run the software.


Click on “Add Files” button.

Select “Output Type” as “jpg” or “jpeg”.

Click on “Settings” for output directory to select where to save the converted file.

At last click on convert button.

The word document is converted and saved in the location where you choose.

So this is how you can save a word document as jpg or jpeg.