Nowadays everyone is concerned about their online security. Time and again we have heard about online account being compromised. Hackers stealing the password. Even the largest organization like Yahoo, Apple, Ebay accounts have been hacked. So, in this environment how you can keep your twitter account safe.

twitter password

First of all there are certain guidelines which you need to follow which creating a strong password:

  • Your password should have at least one alphabet in lower case.
  • Your password should have at least one alphabet in upper case.
  • Your password should have one symbol or character.
  • Your password should have at least one digit.
  • Your password should have eight characters long.
  • Your password should not have your name, your address or your date of birth.
  • Your password should not be a dictionary word so that hackers can do a dictionary attack where the password is guessed with the help of collection of thousands of word.

Besides following the above guidelines for creating a strong password, you can also use your mobile phone to secure your password.

Log into your Twitter account.

Click on “Settings” icon.

twitterAgain click on “Settings“.


Click on “Mobile” menu on the left.

Now on the right side, enter the country where you reside, your phone number and the carrier i.e which company’s phone you are using.

Then click on “Activate Phone“.

twitter3You will see the above message.

You need to send a text message “GO” to 8080.

Now you will get the following message that Twitter will send a test message to your phone.

twiiter3 Click on “Okay, send me a message“. Now you will again get the following message.

twitter3Now once your phone number is verified then you won’t be able to log into your Twitter account with the SMS code.

Click on “Yes“.

twitter4Now you need to enter your password again. Then click on “Save changes” button.

Now the other time if you want to log into your twitter account, then a code will be sent to your phone number through SMS.

You need to enter the number, then only you will be able to log into your twitter account.