If you have texts with different formats e.g different font color, font sizes etc and you want to change the format for a particular group of texts then you may be selecting all those and changing format up to now. But now you can do it in an easy way. You can select all the texts with same format at once. After that you can change the format.

Please note that the text should be of same color, size, style and the color of the text should not be automatic.

Open your Microsoft Word document.

Now select the format of the text of whose group you want to select.




sameformatIn the figure above I have selected the sentence “What is your name?” with font color “green”, font size “11”, font type “Calibri”.

Now click on “Select” command at the right corner of the Word document and click on “Select text with similar formatting

sameformat2Now in the picture below you will see the sentence “What is your name?” with same format will be selected.

sameformat3Now you can easily change the format of all the text at once. This is how you will select all texts with same formatting at once and make your formatting job easy.