How to set up Linksys router for etisalat elife internet ?

At first log into the router’s address

How to find the routers Ip address

For Linksys it is You can always check the documentation which comes with the router. You can also Google search to find it.

Enter the iP address in the address bar and enter it. You will be asked to enter the user name and password.


The default setting for Linksys user name is admin and password is also admin. But it may depend on the model numbers. You can always Google search to find the default user name and password.

You have to change the user name and password so that no one else will enter your router. After entering the router’s page the first thing you will get is the setup page.


The most important thing to observe in this page is the type of internet connection. By default for the most of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is PPoE (Point to Point over Ethernet protocol).

The next thing to provide is the username and password for the internet provide by Etisalat.

Now you can also adjust the time zone for the router according to your location. Click on “Save settings


Next click the “wireless” tab and click on “Basic Wireless settings”.


Under “Network Mode” select “Mixed”. For “Network Name (SSID)” type the name of the network whatever you want. The default Network name for Linksys is “Linksys”. You should change it because if you have two or three same Network in the same building then you will have connection problem. Your internet may suddenly drop down. After making changes, click on “Save Settings

Now click on “Wireless Security” tab, in paraphrase box type the password for your Wireless internet. After making necessary changes click on “save settings


Click on “Administration” tab and then on “Management” tab. Now you can enter the password for the router and reconfirm it. Click on “Save settings


Click on “Status” tab at the end and if your intent is connected you will see the status connected and you will see the IP address, DNS server.


After you finish setting wait for a minute or two to check whether it is working or not.