What is remote desktop connection?

It is connecting to a remote computer by using your own computer. You can access to a computer in any part of the world unless there is internet connection. There are many software which can be used to access a remote computer. You can also use the feature “Remote desktop” included in Windows. But today in this tutorial I will show you how to connect to a remote desktop using Team Viewer.

What are the advantages of using remote desktop?

With remote desktop you can connect to a remote computer and can transfer file from your computer to the remote computer or from remote computer to your computer. You can remotely shut down, lock computer or remove the troubleshoot of the remote computer. You can download the Team viewer for free or you can purchase it for professional use.

Remember there should be Team viewer installed in both of the computer.

After installing, run Team Viewer in both of the systems.

Team viewer

You will find the Team Viewer ID and the password. It will be displayed in both of the system.

Now you need to ask the Team viewer ID and password of the remote computer. Enter the Team viewer and click on “Connect to partner”.

remote desktop connection

You will be asked to enter the password for the Team viewer of the remote computer. Then click on “Log on

Now you are connected to the remote computer and you can see the screen of the remote computer.

remote desktop connection

This is how you can connect to the remote computer and access it.