Do you have audio problem in Skype ? Are you not able to hear what the other person is speaking or the other person can’t listen to what you are saying? If so, then you can solve Skype audio problem in a very easy way.

The first thing to make sure before solving audio problem in Skype is to find out whether you have audio hardware installed in your system. You can either download the audio driver by going to the manufacturer’s website and enter the model number of the computer and download and install the software.

Click on this link to know whether a hardware is working or not
How to know whether a hardware is working or not ?

Click on the below to install a driver if you don’t know the manufacturer’s name ?

The main reason behind the audio problem in Skype is that you have two or more audio input or output devices and you have selected the wrong one.

So, how to solve audio problem in Skype ?

Log into your Skype account.

skypeaudioNow click on “Tools” and then on “Options“. You will get the following dialog box.

skypeaudio2On the left side select “Audio Settings” and from “Microphone” drop down menu select the input devices if there is more than one and speak and check whether the person on the other side can hear or not.

Now for audio output click on drop down menu for “Speakers” and select the available audio output and check whether you can listen to the audio. After making necessary settings then click on “Save“.

This is how you can solve Skype audio problem in Windows.