This is one of the common problem among those persons who are using WordPress to create their blog. The common reason behind this is because they tried to installed a new theme or a new plugin. And when they installed and tried to open their blog, suddenly they got a message, “Server error 500“.

When this type of error occurs then you can’t log into your WordPress admin account also. So how will you solve this problem. At first you have to know what caused this error, it’s either caused by new plugin or by new theme.

Now go to your web hosting website address. In my case it is ““. Then you need to login using username and password. You will enter into the “cpanel” of your domain server. Scroll down to check for “File manager” which is usually under “File management

filemanagerAfter you click on “File Manager” then you need to inside “web root (public_html/www)” directory as all your files and folders are stored inside it.


Now double click to open “wp-content” folder as shown in the picture below.

filemanager3After you open “wp-content” folder you will see different folders and among them are “themes” and “plugins” folders. If “WordPress error 500” is caused by themes then you rename “themes” to “themesnew” or anything like that.

If the error is caused by “plugins” rename plugins into anything you like e.g “plugins.old“. Now you can log into your WordPress blog admin account. eg. ““.

Again rename the “themesnew” into “themes” and “plugins.old” into “plugins

Now you can remove the the newly installed theme or plugins which caused the WordPress error 500

Alternatively you can do this by using “FTP” client also like “Filezilla“.

Use the domain name, username and password to log into your domain and similarly rename “themes” or “plugins” folder as above and carry out the process as mentioned above.