Are you in dilemma whether your computer power supply is working or not? You turned on your computer and nothing happens. What to do now ?

At first check the cable for power supply. You can hook it to another computer to check whether it is working or not. If it works in another computer then the problem is not with the cable. Now you need to check the power supply itself. You can use voltmeter for checking it or the other easy way is to use a paper clip pin or a wire.

Below is the picture of the power supply connector which is connected to the motherboard.

powersupplyFIG 1

powersupply2FIG 2

Switch off the computer. Make sure that there is no power connected to the SMPS (System Main Power Supply). Now take a paper clip and make it in ” U” shape or take a flexible wire.

Now insert one end of the wire or the paper clip pin to the “Green wire” connector hole and the other end to the “black wire” connector hole. Green wire is used for power on purpose and back wire is used for Grounding. You need to build a bridge in between to make the circuit complete.

Once again make sure that you have correctly installed the wire to the correct position.

Now switch on the power supply and check whether the SMPS (System Main Power supply) fan is working. If it is not working then your SMPS has a problem.