secureAre you in dilemma whether a particular site is secure or not. May be you want to do online shopping but don’t know you can do it safely or not. Today’s world is the world of online shopping. There is convenience to shop from one country to another country through online. Also they can do online shopping within the country.

But with this facility there is risk also. We have heard many times that online fraud has occurred. There are hackers who try to do phishing or use any other online method to know your card number and your details. But you can use these simple steps below to test the security of a website.

  • ¬†First thing is the brand name. eg:- Generally they spend a lot of money for securing the website.
  • If you want to shop within your own country then you must be familiar with the popularity of the website
  • When you type the name of the website address check the address bar if you see a locked sign lockand the website starts with “https://”


Don’t give confidential information about your credit card to any website which ask for it.