internet speed

What is Internet?

It is a global network of computers connecting billions of computers.

What is Internet Speed ?

It is is the rate at which the data is transferred from website  provider to your computer and from your computer to the internet service provider.

What are the different ways to connect to the internet?

One of the most common but old method is using dial up connection. It uses a telephone line and a modem with which you can connect to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) but is the most slowest one. Also in this connection you can’t use your telephone line when you are connected to the Internet.

Another way to connect to the inter is by using Broadband connection. In this category is the cable connection, optical fiber and DSL connections. They are more faster.

Cable internet uses Cable television for providing the internet. ADSL uses internet telephone line but in this case internet is much faster and you can use both the telephone line and the internet at the same time.

With optical fiber you can have internet connections, telephone and TV channels at the same time and is much faster.

The next one is Satellite internet where you can have a satellite dish to get the internet but this is much slower than cable and DSL.

Also we can get internet wireless by using 3G and 4G from cellular mobiles.

Why you need to test the internet speed ?

The speed of internet plays a vital role in today’s world. Everyday millions of people are using internet for business, technology, medical field and many more. Everyday millions of data are uploaded and downloaded so the internet needs to be really fast. Today is the age where people use online streaming videos for many purposes. So, internet needs to very fast.

When we subscribe to the ISP we are provided a particular speed. We need to test the speed occasionally to know whether our internet speed is leaking whether someone else is using the internet unknowingly.In this way we can optimize and fix our internet speed issues.

How to test the internet speed?

There are many online website which offers you to test the online speed. Below are the three websites according to their Google page rank.

  1. Google page rank :-  7
  2. google page rank:- 6
  3. Google page rank:- 6

Let me show how you can do internet speed test with

Type the address in the address bar of your browser and you will get the following screen.


Click on “Begin Test” and it will start to search for your nearest ISP and after that it starts to begin the test.


After the test is complete you will get the following result.


You can see your download and upload speed for your internet.

Note:- Please that your internet speed also depends on other factors like what time of the day you are testing, whether you are downloading or uploading anything. Test it twice or thrice at different times and take out the result.