hostingWeb hosting service is the service provided by internet servers where clients can buy space and upload their web pages, files and view it online. Normally webpages are uploaded by using either the web interface of the server or by using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Every web hosting servers have their web site where user can log and upload their files. But today I am going to show you how to use a FTP client to upload your files to the sever.

There are many FTP clients and in this post I am going to use FileZilla .

Google search “FileZilla” and download the client version of the “Filezilla“.

After installation runt the program and you should be able to see the following interface.


In the host box type the domain name e.g “” for me, type the username and password provided by the web hosting server and click on “Quick connect“. If you are successful then you will see the following screen.


Now you can upload the files to the server, from the left side you can browse the location of your file, “My Documents“, “C:“, “D:” etc and drag the files to the “putblic_html” folder on the right side.

With this method you can upload files to any web hosting server.