What are emojis ?

Emojis are small graphical imagesĀ  which represent emotions while sending a text message. Remember the good old days when we used these emojis in Yahoo messenger. They were first introduced in Japan which were later used all over the world. To learn more about emoji you can visit the article about emoji in Wikipedia.

How to use emoji in iPhone ?

By default emoji is not activated in iPhone. You need to add emoji keyboard so that you can use it while sending messages by iPhone.

At first go to the main screen of the iPhone.

Press “Settings“.

emojiPress “General“.

Scroll down and press “Keyword“.

emoji in iPhoneNow again press “Keyboards“.


Press “Add New Keyboard…


Scroll down and select “Emoji“.


Now you can see a new keyboard added.


Now compose a new message.

emojiClick on the “+” iconĀ  and you will see the emojis. You have different options for emojis at the bottom of the screen.

After inserting emojis tap outside so that you can type normally.

Now you can send your composed message.

This is how you can use emoji on iPhone.

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