<br /> <h3>Use Firefox Mobile OS Simulator in Windows 7

If you want to test Firefox Mobile OS then you don’t need to wait for it until the mobile with the Operating system is available in your market. You can download the add-on from the Firefox and test in your computer.

Go to “google.com” and look for the add-on “Firefox OS 1.1 Simulator “.

firefoxos2Click on it to install the add-on.

firefoxosNow after install the Firefox OS simulator automatically runs.

If you want to run it yourself then click on “Tools” – “Web Developer” – “Firefox OS Simulator“.

firefoxos4Now click on “Stopped” button to run the Firefox Simulator.

firefoxos5Now you can see the Firefox OS as it will show on the mobile phone.

You can see the Dial button, Message button, Contact button and the internet icon at the bottom.

You can also see the wallpaper and the clock.

Take the mouse pointer at the top of the screen. Hold the mouse button and drag it down and you can see the following screen.

Firefoxos6Now you can find the Wireless icon, SIM, Bluetooth and Settings icon.

You can use it to find how it works.

Remember that you can’t make a call, this is just a testing platform.