gmaillogoAn efficient way to use Gmail spam settings

What is an spam email?

It is an email which is sent in bulk quantities informing about promotions and enticing you to do certain things. They are undesirable and unsubscribed. They are identical i.e whoever receives this email they are identical.

What are the dangers of spam email?

Spam email generally ask you for buying some promotional items or asks you for favor. If you click on it and enter your personal identification like your social security number, credit card number then they can hack your banking account. Also if you download executable file attached in the email then also you are at risk of disclosing your personal information.

How Spammers gather your email address ?

They gather information from various bulletin boards, forums, chat rooms. They also can guess email address which are very simple. eg:-, etc.

How can you prevent your email address from getting spammed?

One commonsense way to prevent your email address from getting spammed is to not to subscribe to any websites which is not trustable. Create more than one email address. The important one you use solely for important purpose like using for business transaction, official use only. The other one you can use for signing up forums or for subscribing to websites.

How to use Gmail spam settings to prevent from getting spammed?

Generally all of the email services have tools for preventing your account for getting spammed but you can also create filter for preventing yourself.

Log into your Gmail account.

Put a tick mark on the check box in front of the email address which you think as spam.


Click on the drop down menu “More” and select “Filter messages like these“. You will get the following screen.


Click on “Create filter with this search” and you will get the following screen.

deleteemailfilterPut a tick mark on the check box in front of “Delete it“.

Now click on “Create Filter” button.

Now all the emails getting from this email address will be deleted.