howtoDO YOU WANT TO REMOTELY CONNECT TO ANOTHER COMPUTER USING YOURS OWN. Now its very easy. You can just use a built in feature in windows called Remote Desktop Connection.

First you need to make some settings for it.

The computer you want to connect should not be in power saving mode because if it hibernates or sleeps then you can’t connect to it. The other thing is you need to make sure that the other computer has user name and password set to it. This is for security purpose. You can connect without having a security password but for that you need to modify the registry settings. It’s better to use security password.

Now you want to make some settings to the other computer.

Open up the “remote desktop properties” window. You can do this by “Right clicking” the “Computer” icon on the desktop. You will get “System Properties” dialog box. Click on the “Restore” tab.

For windows xp you will get the following screen


Put a tick mark on “Allow Remote Assistance Invitations to be sent from this computer

Basically what this does is you can sent an invitation to someone to connect to your computer.

Also put a tick mark on “Allow users to connect remotely to this computer“.

Then click on “Apply” and “OK

For windows 7 and 8 you will get the following screen.


Here you can see that there is an option named “Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (more secure).” Don’t check that one as it requires configuration. Our purpose here is to have a normal remote connection whom we trust.

Rest is the same.

Now you need to run the “Remote Desktop connection” program.

Type “mstsc.exe” in the “run” box in “windwos xp “and “search” box in “windows 7, 8

This is the shortcut name for “Remote Desktop Connection“. Alternatively you can also search “Remote Desktop Connection” in the search box. Now click on it.

You will get the following screen.


Just enter the “name or ip address“of the computer you want to connect. You should ask the ipaddress, username and password of the computer which you want to connect.

Now you get a screen where you need to put the “username” and “password” of the computer which you want to connect and click on “OK” or press “Enter“. The following screen shows me attempting to connect to windows 8.


And below is the screen after I connect to windows 8.


That’s it now you can control the other computer by using your own computer.

Hope you enjoyed this.