Here comes the new tabbed Gmail interface. Now your inbox is categorized into different tabs. The defaults are Primary, Social and Promotions.You can include two more Forums and updates.


How the message are categorized in different tabs?

Primary:- Emails from your friends, family, any alerts
Promotions:- Promotional emails, offers
Social:- Message from social networks like YouTube, Google plus etc.
Updates:- Notifications such as confirmations, receipts, bills, and statements.
Forums:-  Messages from online groups, discussion boards, and mailing lists.

How to show or hide tabs?

Click on the “+” sing¬† on the corner of the tab.

showtabYou will get the following dialog box.

Select the and put a tick mark or remove a tick mark for the tab which which you want to show or hide.
Click on “Save
Now your tabs will either be hidden or visible according to your choice.


How to transfer a message from one tab to another?

Just drag a message from one tab and drop it to the another tab.
When you drag a message from one tab to another then you will be asked whether you want to receive all the message into that particular to that tab from the next time. You can choose “Yes” if you want to or else leave it like that only.
Starred messages are also included in the “Primary” tab by default whether it may be of Social or Promotional tab.


What are starred messages?

Starred messages are the message where we put a star icon so as to let us remember that the message is important and needs to be followed up. If you don’t want starred message to appear in “Primary” tab just click on the “+” sign at the end of the tab and unchecked a tick mark next to the “Include starred in Primary”.
Remember that this tabbed view is only for the “inbox“, nor for other such as “Achieve” or “Drafts” or “Sent Mail

How to disable the Tabbed view?

Click on the gear icon on the right corner of the screen.

Click on “Configure inbox“.
Unchecked everything except “primary” as it can’t be unchecked.

Click on “Save“.
Now you will be back to the previous interface.