Everyone of uses one of the services provided by Google everyday whether it may be Gmail, Google search, YouTube or Google Chrome browser.


How if you can view Google services in your own language ?

Google has the option of setting languages for its products and services and may be you are lucky that you will see your language in Google language list.

So how to change the language of Google service ?

For all of the Google services it’s almost the same. The default language of Google services is “English“. So at first log into your Google service account such as Google Chrome or Gmail etc. For this example I will take “Gmail” as an example.

Log into your Gmail account.

Click on the gear icon on the right hand side of the window as show in the picture below.

gearThen click on the “Settings” from the list and you will get the following.gear2Now from “Gmail display language” drop-down box select the language which you wish to use.

Then click on “Save changes” button at the end.

Now you be able to view Gmail in your own language.

Please note that it is the same procedure for all the Google services.