Have you ever wondered how you can watch YouTube videos and work at the same time. May be until now what you used to do was to open YouTube video and minimize the windows so that you can work in any other program. In this tutorial I will show you how to make YouTube video float on the top of the window so that you can work in any other program.

1. For this you need to install an app called “Floating YouTube” from Google Chrome.

2. After you install it you will see Chrome app launcher icon on the task-bar.

3. Click on it.


4. You Will see “Floating YouTube” icon.

5. Click on it to open.


6. You will see a box, which pops up, where you need to enter the URL of the YouTube videos which you want to play.

7. Search any video which you want to play.


8. Right click on the video and click on “copy link address” and paste inside the box and the video starts playing automatically.


9. You can either move the floating YouTube video player anywhere on the screen by dragging with the anchor icon.

10. Also, you can resize the windows of the floating YouTube video player.