I have no audio in my computer

Every one of us may have had this problem before. The first thing to check when you don’t hear sound from your computer is to check whether the speakers or head phones are working properly or not or whether their volume level  is set to low. If the volume level is OK then do the next step.

Now check the volume icon in the notification tray at the right side of the task bar and see if the volume level is set to low or it is mute.

What if you don’t see the volume icon on the task bar?

There may be two reasons for this

One the driver for sound card may not be installed and the next is the volume icon has disappeared from the task bar.

How to know if the sound card driver is installed in my computer?

Right click on “My computer” icon on the desktop and click on “Properties

Now you will see the properties dialog box.


From the left hand side click on “Device manager


Expand “Sounds, vide and game controller” menu and you will see the driver’s name if it is installed. If no driver is installed you won’t see anything.

If the driver is already installed you can do the following steps

Go to “control panel

Click and open “Task bar and start menu properties.”audio3You can see there is a button called “Customize” under a title called Notification.

Click on “Customize” button.

Now a dialog box appears as below.


Click on the drop down button on the right side of the volume and select “Show icon and notification”.

Now you should be able to see the volume icon on the notification tray on the task bar.

If the driver is not installed then you have to install it. Check the link below to install the sound card driver

How to install drivers for your hardwares

You have checked the driver is installed, the volume level is OK but still there is not sound then the next thing to do is to check whether your headphone or volume is disabled. Follow the below steps:-

Right click on the “volume” icon on the notification tray of the task bar.

Click on “Playback” devices.

Now you will see a dialog box as below


C heck whether the speakers or headphones are disabled.

If they are disabled then right click on the particular item and select “Enabled


Now your audio should work fine.