wifiDo you have problem connecting with wifi. May be your internet connection shows “limited access” and you can not connect to the webpages. Below are some of the things you can do to get some help.

  • First make sure you have the correct driver of wireless network adapter installed. You can check the manufacturer website to find out which network adapter you have and there you can find also the driver for the network adapter.
  • You can turn off your wireless router and let it cool down for few minutes and switch on again.
  • The next step you can do is to run the network trouble shooting problem. Right click on the wireless network icon and you will get an option “Troubleshooting Problems”. Now network diagnostic will run and your wireless network will be reset. This may fix the problem.
  • The other step you can do is to reset your TCP/IP settings. Do th following steps.
  • Click on “Star” button and type “cmd”. Then type this code “netsh int ip reset c:resetlog.txt”. Then your TCP/IP setting will be reset. You  have to restart the computer again to complete the operation.
  • Sometimes you may have messed up with your router settings, in that case reset the router by pressing the reset button of the router.
  • Click on the list of available wireless networks and see if your network name matches with others eg. most of us will leave the default network name like “linksys” and some others may have same too. So this creates interference with our network. Go to the set up page for your router and change the wireless network name to something which is not on the list of available networks.