Virtual memory is the space used by “Windows 7”  from your hard disk to manage the Physical memory RAM (Random Access Memory) which in turn helps to operate windows faster.

By default Windows uses some space of your hard disk as a Virtual memory but you can increase the space and set it as recommended so that your windows can perform better.

How to change increase virtual memory to speed up your computer?

Right click on “My Computer” icon on the desktop and click on “properties” from the menu.

You will get the following dialog box.

virutalmemoryNow click on “Advanced System settings“.

virtualmemory2Click on “Advanced” tab

Under “Performance“, click on “settings” tab and you will get the following box.

virtualmemory3Now click on “Advanced” tab as show in the box above and click on “change” button.

Now you will get the following box.


Now remove the tick mark from the check box in front of the label “Automatically manage paging files for all drives

Now click on “Custom size” and you can enter the recommended size for Virtual memory. You can find the recommended size below the box.

Now click on “OK”.

The same you can do for D: drive.