Different parts of an excel window:

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Quick Access Toolbar:- This is where the commands frequently used are displayed. You can customize to add or remove commands from this toolbar.

File Tab:- It provides backstage view which has commands like Save, open, close, print and other commands related to excel workbook.

Ribbon bar:- Before Office 2003 commands were under menu bar. After office 2003 commands are stored in tabs. Ribbon bar has tabs like Home, insert etc, which in tun has different commands.

Formula bar:- It displays formulas which you have entered in the sheet. It helps you to edit and insert new formulas.

Rows and Columns:- Each excel sheet has rows and columns.

Horizontal Scroll bar:- It lets you move the sheet horizontally.

Vertical scroll bar:- It lets you move the sheet vertically.

Sheet tab:- Each excel workbook has sheets. You can insert or delete sheets as you like. You can also rename, change the position of the sheet and the color of the sheet tab.