The creator of Apps for iPhone, iPad releases updated version from time to time. This helps to fix any issue or bug with the app. You will be notified about the updated version and then you can update it.

But sometimes you may not be able to update. When you try to update then you will see circle continuously spinning but the app will not update. Below we will see some ways to fix it.

1. Check whether your internet connection is working fine.

The first thing is to make sure that your internet connection is working fine. Try to open a site. Sometimes due to traffic your internet connection may be working very slowly.

2. Restart the iPhone/ iPad

Sometimes restarting your iPhone or iPad may fix the problem. So, restart it and then try to update the apps again.

Press the Power button on the top until you see the slider to switch off the iPhone. Then again restart your iPhone.

switch off

3. Reset your network settings

a. Tap on “Settings“.


b. Tap on “General“.


c. Select “Reset“.


d. Then select “Reset Network settings“.

Reset network settings

Your internet connection will be reset then you need to connect to your internet again. After that try to update the apps again.

4. Sing out and sign in into “iTunes & App stores

a. Tap on “Settings” and then on “iTunes & App store“.

iTunes & App store

b. Select your apple id and then select “Sign Out“.

apple id details

c. Now re-enter your apple id and password. If you have another apple id and password then try to use the other one to check if you can update the apps again.

5. Use a VPN app to update the apps

Sometimes some apps may be blocked by the Internet service provider of your country. Like “Facebook” and some other social messaging apps are blocked in China.

So, in that case download any free VPN from app store and then try to update the apps.

Some of the free VPN apps are :

a. Betternet VPN

b. Zenmate VPN

c. Turbo VPN

6. Update your iOS software

Make sure that you have updated version of iOS software.

a. Tap on “Settings” and then on “General“.


b. Select “Software Update“.

software update

c. If you have any update pending you will see the number on the right side.

d. Select “Software Update“.

e. Tap on “Download and install“.

update install


7. Check Restriction settings for your apps

Make sure that you have not applied restrictions for app downloading or updating.

a. Tap on “Settings“,”General” and then select “Restrictions“.


b. If you have applied restrictions then you can see it “On” on the right side.

c. Enter the pass-code.

restriction passcode

d. Make sure that “Installing Apps“, “In- App purchase” is activated.

apps restrictions

e. Under “Allowed content“, ratings for app should be selected “Allow All Apps“.

Fig 1

apps rating

Fig 2


apps rating2

8. Refresh the app store by tapping 10 times on the search icon

a. Tap on the “App store” icon.

app store

b. Tap 10 times on the search icon to refresh the app store.

refresh app store

c. Now try to update or download apps.

9. Toggle between airplane mode on and off

Many people have found that toggling between airplane mode on and off also have worked for them.

a. Swipe the iPhone screen from the bottom to display the control center.

control center

b. Tap on “Airplane” icon to activate airplane mode.

airplane mode

c. Wait for 4-5 seconds and switch off the airplane mode.

10. Check whether you have enough space left to update the apps

a. Tap on “Settings” and then on “General“.

b. Select “Storage & iCloud usage“.

storage & iCloud usage (1)

c. Now check how much space is left under “Available“.

available space

d. If you have very little space then you need to uninstall unwanted apps or delete files from your iPhone or iPad and the try to update or download the apps.

11. Uninstall and install the apps again

You can also try by deleting the apps and the reinstalling from the app store.


12. Send an email to the app developer

If none of the above method works then there may be a problem with the app itself. You can check more details of the app where you will find the email of the developer. Then in that case you can email regarding the problem and hopefully the developer will fix the issue.