Want to know more about Google secret

1. If you want to search for any exact word or phrase then you have to include the word or phrase inside quotes. ” ” e.g: “iphone5”

2. If you want to exclude any synonyms for a search then you can include a dash (-) before the word. eg: “tiger” it can be an animal or a brand. So if you want to exclude animal for tiger then you can type like this “tiger -animal”.

3. If you want to find synonymous result for a word or a phrase you can use (~) this sign in front of the word.

4. If you want to search information in a particular site use this search query site:

5. If you want to search for one word or another word/phrases then iclude ‘OR’ in between . eg. tiger OR lion.

6. To search number in between range of certain value use (..) two dots. eg. phone $100..$500.

You can use Google features by going to this site “” eg. weather, time, unit conversions etc.