bootableusbYou may be wondering why do you need a bootable windows 8 usb. There are times when you wish you could have a bootable usb drive than writing the windows programs to a DVD. Sometimes your internal DVD ROM may not be working or you may not have a blank DVD. So, in this you need to find a way to install Windows in your system. So here it is. It’s an easy way. What all you need is a USB drive with about 4GB capacity, Windows 8 iso file and a third party software. There are many software but for this tutorial I will be using “POWER ISO“. You have free version and paid version. You can use Free version for creating a bootable windows 8 usb.

Google search “Power ISO” and download it.

After you install it in your machine run power iso.


Click on “Tools” and select “Create Bootable USB drive“.


You may be asked to run “Power iso” as an administrator. Click “OK” and you will get the following Power iso window.


Select the source image file i.e windows 8 iso file from your computer or another backup hard disk and under destination USB Drive select the usb drive which you want to make bootable and then click on “Start” button. This process takes a while and after that you have a bootable windows 8 usb. Now when you are trying to install windows 8 in your machine then you can go to BIOS setting and change the Boot device priority to “USB” and restart the machine.

Good Luck.