Why my computer does not shut down?

Imagine a situation when you are in hurry to go somewhere or your office time is over and you want to go home. You click on “Shut down” and your windows goes on and on and your computer does not shut down and you are forced to hold the power button and shut down the computer. This may damage your hard disk or corrupt your registry files.

What happens when you click down the shut down button?

At first windows will check if there is any program opened and if any data is to be saved. If yes then you will get a message for that. Then power is cut off the main components like CPU, Hard disk, RAM.

Why your windows is taking a long time for shutting down?

Make sure that all the programs are closed before you shut down the computer.

You can open the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del button. Then you will get the following screen

For win xp / win vista / win 7


Select the program which you want to delete and click on “End task”. If  the program is not closing then go to “Processes” tab and select the program and click on “End task” and your program will be closed.


For Windows 8

You will get the following screen


Select the program which you want to close and right click on it . Select “End task” and the program will be closed.

Next thing what takes time for shutting down windows is Windows update. When you click on “shut down” button then your windows starts to update and it may take a long time. Although updating windows is important but you feel little bit annoying that every time you try to shut down your system Windows update starts and continues for a long time. You can change the settings for that.

Click “How to turn off or customize Windows update” for more information about Windows update.

Now next thing is to check is whether there is any program scheduled to run during the closing of the computer.

Go to “control panel

Click on “Administrative Tools” and “Task scheduler


Select “Task scheduler library” and on the right side you will see the list of programs and the time when they will be done. If there is any program will is scheduled at the shutting down of computer then right click on that program and select “Disable” or “Delete”.

Now the program won’t run while shutting down your computer.

In this way you resolve the problem.