How to restrict application in iPhone 5s without locking it ?

Have you ever experienced a situation where someone deleted the apps from your iPhone which you had downloaded  for a $10 or $ 50 dollar. or someone used Safari from your iPhone to surf web and downloaded applications to finish up your subscribed data package.
No worries, with the new feature of iPhone 5s, You will be able to prevent others from messing up with your iPhone settings.

There are actually two ways to do this :

  • By locking the whole iPhone with a pass-code or with a finger print in case of iPhone 5s
  • Second is by restricting user from using certain applications or settings without the passcode

In this tutorial we are using the second method.
Go to main screen of your iPhone.

iphone main screen
Press “Settings” icon and then “General


Press “Restrictions

iPhone 5s
Press “Enable Restrictions

iPhone 5s
Now enter four digits passcode.

iPhone 5s
Re-enter the four digits passcode to confirm it.

iPhone 5s
Below you will see a list of applications and settings which you can restrict for other users.

iPhone 5s
For this tutorial I will restrict other users from using “Safari” and “Camera“.

Just move the buttons to the left side of those applications to deactivate the applications.

Now return back to the main screen and you won’t be able to find the “Safari” and the “Camera” icon.

Now if you want to disable the restriction.
Go back to the “Settings“, “General“, “Restrictions” and enter the passcode.

iPhone 5s
Now press “Disable Restrictions“.

Re-enter the passcode again.

iPhone 5s
Now other users will be able to use the applications.Let’s go back to the main screen.

Now we can see the safari icon and camera icon again.

This is how you can either restrict or allow others from using the applications.