Earning money online through Google Adsense is dream of everyone. People create blogs and sets up Adsense account.Once they get approved then they get a code which they can paste to their website to display the ads.

But people forget one thing while targeting their ads. They forget to target the ads to those countries with high Cost per click (CPC) ads and CTR (Click Through Rates). The best countries to target for Google Adsense are United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia. These countries have high Purchasing power.
The primary purpose of Google Adsense is to attract customer to click the Ads and buy the advertised product.

How can you target particular countries?

Every keyword tools have option to find the keywords for a particular location. In the example below I have used Google Keyword tool to target keyword to a particular location.

Click “https://adwords.google.com” to open Google Adwords keyword tool.

Log into the Keyword tool by using your Gmail Account. You will get the following screen.


Type the word for which you want to find the Cost per click Rate. Click on “+” sign in front of “Advanced Options and Filters“.

In the Locations and Languages box you can select the location as “United States” or the country you want to target and for languages you can select “English” as it is the most understood language.

In the “Filter ideas” box select “Local Monthly Searches” and select the criteria as equal or greater than “3000“.

Click “+ Add another” and create another Filter and select “Approximate CPC” and type the amount for Average CPC.

Now you will get the result for Keyword as shown in the screen below.


Here you should note one thing that you have to select those keyword with a minimum monthly search of about 3000 thousand and Global search for about 40000 thousand. If you will select keyword which have very high search rate like about 100,000 then it will be hard for your to compete.

This is how you can customize your blog for better Google Adsense earning.