Optimize Windows 7 Start menu

When you click on “Start” button in Windows 7 you will see the list of recently opened documents and programs as shown below.

windows 7 startmenu

On the left above “Start” button, you can see the list of programs and I have used recently. Now you may want to hide these programs for any reason, may be you don’t want your boss or any other person to know what programs you have used. So, if you want to remove it then follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Right click on “Start” button and then click on “Properties

windows 7 startmenu

  • Now remove the tick mark from the check box in front of “Store and display recently opened programs in the Start menu.”
  • Then click on “Apply” and “OK“.
  • Now whatever programs or documents you opened it can’t be seen.

windows 7 startmenu 3

This is how you optimize windows 7 start menu to hide the recently opened documents or programs and protect your privacy.