Relevance is related to current trends. For a blog or a website it is writing about new topics and how you write about it.

Reputation is the trust or respect which you build for yourself.

Popularity is the state of being liked or admired by others.

If we see Popularity and Reputation, superficially both may seem to be the same, but there is a subtle difference between them. A website can be popular but not reputable. eg. Porn sites they are popular among people. Everyday thousands of people visit these sites but they are not reputable. In contrary to that sites like Google, national newspaper are both popular and reputable among people.

What do you want your site to be?

If you think in terms of earning money through Google Ad-sense and other affiliate program you want your site to be reputable. You should build trust among your readers so that they will believe what you say. If your site is both popular and reputable then you are lucky.


All of us want our site to be listed on the front page of search engines like Google, Bing. Particularly Google as it is the number one search engine which is used by millions of people every day. What factor is responsible for showing our site in the first page of Google? It is the Page Rank.

What is Page Rank and How to increase the Page Rank?

In simple terms Page Rank is the number and the quality of back links pointing towards your site. The more number of reputable sites are linked to your site the Page Rank of your site increases. So, for this your site also should be reputable.

How will you earn reputation for a website?

Think in terms of everyday world how people get reputation. If a person helps other without any selfishness then he or she is respected in the society. That person will tell other person about you and slowly you will build a positive image in the society. For instance Mother Teresa was a respectable person. She is not only respected in India but all over the world. People bow in front of her, why because she helped homeless children with all her heart without any thought of gaining popularity or any wealth. On the contrary there are politician who are popular in certain group of people but they are not trustworthy. People don’t believe them. Whatever they say will be always be suspected by normal people.

So what can you do to make your site relevant and reputable?

1. Answer questions: – This is the number one thing which you can do to gain reputation among your niche society. Join forum communities and answer people questions and do this as if you are genuinely interested in helping other people. Be active and regularly solve other people’s problem. Let other people know your presence and they will visit your site and link to it.

2. Offer Free service: – Offer free courses eBooks, Newsletter, WordPress plugins, and Firefox add-ons etc. which are very useful to other people in your niche. By doing so you are making readers visit your page again and again. They will visit your site in search of something new.

3. Original Quality Content:- This is the basis of everything. Whenever people visit your site the first thing which makes your site impressive is the quality of the content in your website. What kind of content you should have. You should have content which problem are solving. You can have tutorial content like How to setup a WordPress blog? Or list topics like Top 10 ways to make your website faster.

The next thing is the originality of the content. Most of us nowadays try to comprehend or place our opinion about any topic which is already stated by other people. It’s not a bad idea. But if we are able to do detail research about a particular topic in our niche and it’s got some value then we can be listed in the first page of Google and be reputable.

4. Relevant topics: – Always look for hot news in your niche. You can do this by visiting the blog of popular brands or applications. Almost all of them have blogs. Check anything new and write a tutorial, review or your opinion of the particular brand or the item. If you are genuinely placing your opinion then you will be trusted and people always come to you to check for any new information.

5. Passion: – You should have passion about your topic. When you are passionate about your topic then you will have an inner excitement that helps you to express ideas and views without any bias and these ideas will be helpful for other people.

Thus increase the reputation of a website and popularity follows by itself.