Have you ever experienced that your computer was working fine and suddenly because of hardware or certain software changes, your computer is now totally blank with black screen. Now you may be wondering what happened.

At first do the following basic tasks before going for the troubleshoot.

  • At first check whether all the cables are connected properly and the cables are not damaged.
  • Check whether your computer screen itself is working or not by connected your computer to another monitor.

Below are the three ways you can do when you have performed the preliminary steps as mentioned above.

Running the computer in last known good configuration

  • Start the computer and press “F8” button.

black screen

  • Now use the down arrow to select “Last known good configuration” and press enter.
  • Your computer will restart and it will be normal.

Removing the unknown Video card driver and installing Video Card driver

May be you have accidentally installed wrong video card driver. So, you need to remove and install the correct video card driver.

Try to run your computer in “Safe mode” by pressing “F8” button.

Press and hold “F8” button until you see the above screen.

If you see in the picture above you can see the option of “Safe mode“.

Select the “Safe mode” and press “Enter“.

Right click on “My Computer” on the desktop and click on “Properties“.

black screen2Click on “Device manager“.

black screen3Now click on “Display Adapters” to expand the installed the driver for display adapter.

blank screen3

Right click on the installed Display adapter driver and click on “Uninstall“.

Then you can restart the computer and Windows will install generic driver for the display adapter.

For best performance you have to install the correct driver for your display adapter so that you troubleshoot the dead screen.

Removing the currently installed hardware or Software program

Sometimes currently installed hardware or software program can cause the problem with your display due to which nothing will be visible on your computer screen.

Run your computer in “Safe mode” by pressing “F8” button and selecting the “Safe mode” option.

Now go to control panel and select “Program and Features“.

blank screen4

Click on “Installed” tab to show the recently installed program.

Right click and uninstall the recently installed program due to which your computer screen went blank.

Restart the computer and you should be able to see the display on the screen again.