windows8If you have been using previous version of Windows before 8 released then the first thing you definitely miss is traditional windows 8 start button.

But it is not a big problem we can bring back the windows 8 start button with third party software. We can do it by editing the registry too but it may be complicated process. Besides if we mess with up registry then the computer may be in trouble. So lets bring back with third party business.

There are many third party software some are free and some are paid ones. The one which we are going to use is a free one and that is “pokki for windows 8“.

Go to google and search for “pokki for windows 8 start menu“. You will get a list of websites. You can choose the first one.


Click on the site. Then you will get a “Free download” where you can click  and install the software. After the software is installed then you will get the Windows Start button and you will notice that the windows itself will go to the desktop mode. Below is the screenshot for windows 8 start button with pokki.


By default the start button icon will be of “pokki” not windows but you can customize it to bring back the windows start button.

This is how you can get the missing windows 8 start button.