firefoxEver wondered why your flash player is crashing again and again. May be you just upgraded your Firefox to latest version and it is giving you trouble by displaying the message that The Adobe flash plugins has crashed.

Here are few of the things you can do for this.

  • Go and download the latest version of flash player and install it in your system.
  • Restart Firefox and check whether it’s working fine or not.

Still if it’s not working then you may need to downgrade Firefox and flash player both. This worked fine for me.

  • Uninstall both the version of Firefox and flash player from your system. Click here to find out how to uninstall a software.
  • Go to Google and search for older version of Firefox may be 17 , 18 and download it.
  • Google search flash player version 10.3 and install it.
  • Hope now it works.

Whenever you will be notified about newer version of Firefox and flash player you can try again to find whether it works fine or not. Or else you can always downgrade to solve this problem.