How to decrease body fat?

Decreasing fat from one’s body is a dream of everyone especially if you are obese. But many of them fail during the first few months because of one reason lack of will power to succeed.

How fat gets stored in your body?

At first before decreasing fat let us know how fat gets stored in your body.  Every one of us needs calorie for carrying out the basic daily needs for our body like breathing, digestion etc. Every one of us also needs calorie for our daily job besides what our body normal process requires. A person who works hard outside in a field, or a laborer needs more amount of calorie compared to a person who does a desk job.

So what happens when you eat more than the amount of calorie needed for your body. The extra amount of calorie is stored in the body in the  form of fats. So, the number one reason for getting obese besides genetic problem is by consuming extra calorie than needed by your body. In male the extra fat is at first stored in the belly and in female it is at first stored in their thighs and buttocks.

How to get rid of the fat?

There are two simple ways which I have followed many times to decrease my body fat. I don’t depend on fat burners which are advertised by many websites. I want to decrease my body fat to a decent level not getting a six pack abs. Nor do I am going to talk about macros and how much of them you need to take it every day. It is a very complex process and you need to get the guidance of a nutritionist.
What you should do is to take care of how much you are eating and what you are eating.
The next thing is to exercise.

What should you eat and how much you eat?

I have already explained that how much calorie is need by your body depends on your body type and how much of physical activity you do. If you work physically for a long period of time every day then your diet should contain more carbohydrates, and then second is protein and then fats.

But if you have desk job and limited to physical activity then your diet should contain more protein and less carbohydrates and fats.

Use the formula below to find out how much in average your body needs calorie per day

For sedentary people: Weight x 13 = estimated cal/day

For moderately active people: Weight x 17 = estimated cal/day

For active people: Weight x 20 = estimated cal/day


Moderately active people are those who do 3-4 times aerobic and weight lifting per week where as Active people are those who do 4-6 times aerobic and weight lifting per week.

Also if you are eating only twice a day, then make the habit of eating 4-5 times a day, the same quantity  of food which you eat in two times a day. Don’t increase the quantity of food so that you end up eating more calories when you eat 4-5 times a day.

Remember when you eat don’t eat too much so that your stomach is full. Eat that much quantity so that you will feel that you are not full and that you have space for water and air to circulate inside your stomach.

What types of Carbohydrates should you eat?

You have to eat complex carbohydrates not the simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates include brown rice, potatoes, and vegetables where as simple carbohydrates are sugars.

The reason why you have to eat more complex carbohydrate is they have less calories and you can eat more where as simple carbohydrates have more calories and you can go on eating a huge quantity of that but still you will not be satisfied.

What kind of proteins should you eat?

Beans, pulses, dairy products like yoghurt, milk not butter and lean meats like chicken and fish. Don’t eat more mutton and pork as it tends to have more fats.

What kind of fats should you consume?

Natural occurring fats in fruits like avocado, olive oil, sunflower oils. Don’t eat fat contained in hydrogenated fats as it has more calories.

The most important thing about diet is east simple clean and less fatty foods.

The next important part is exercise.

It can’t be stressed much about the benefit of exercise. It helps us in many ways. It helps us to decrease body fat, it helps our body to be flexible. It reduces blood pressure etc.

What kind of exercise should you do to decrease body fat?

There are two kinds of exercise you need to decrease your body fat one is cardiovascular and the other one is weight lifting.

Cardiovascular includes normal exercise like walking, jogging where as there is another form which is popular nowadays High Intensity interval training (HIIT).

For normal and basic starting walking in a faster pace and jogging is enough once you have done this exercise for a while then you can go for High Intensity Interval training (HIIT). HIIT is the form of training where you do certain exercise with your maximum intensity  for a short duration for time and then cool down and repeat the same process again and again. You can combine this with any of the two form of cardiovascular exercise eg. You can sprint for a minute with your maximum capacity and then rest or walk and again repeat the process.

Also if you are skipping you can skip with your maximum intensity for a minute and then rest for a minute and repeat the same process.

The next is Weight Lifting.

Weight lifting has many benefits. It helps you to be stronger. It increases your muscle size. When you do weight lifting your muscles becomes active and it uses more amount calorie as a result whatever the fat is excess is slowly used and burned off.

The last piece of advice which I can give you based on my experience is take care of what you are eating. Eat 4-5 times a day and exercise.

If you have time you can do cardiovascular exercise in the morning and do weight lifting in the evening. If you don’t have time then you can do 3-4 times cardio exercise in a week and the remaining 3-4 days you can do weight lifting.